Brett for Arcata

I love Arcata and I think Arcata is a great place to live.

But like all cities, Arcata is a work in progress. From building a safe, diverse and sustainable economy that supports a living wage, to maintaining our world class natural environment, there is always a lot of work to be done here.

With four more years I’ll work to:

• Diversify Arcata’s economy and create more living wage jobs
• Expand safe and affordable housing for all Arcatans
• Enhance the safety and beauty of Valley West and the Plaza
• Create a dog park
• Make Arcata a zero-waste city
• Increase citywide disaster preparedness

Together, we will continue to make Arcata the best community we can be!


Senator Mike McGuire
Assemblymember Jim Wood
Assemblymember (Ret.) Wesley Chesbro
Assemblymember (Ret.) Dan Hauser
County Supervisor Mike Wilson
County Supervisor (Ret.) John Woolley
County Supe.-elect Steve "Sungnome" Madrone
Auditor-Controller-elect Karen Paz Domínguez
Julie Fulkerson, Former Mayor of Arcata
Sam Pennisi, Former Mayor of Arcata
Bob Ornelas, Former Mayor of Arcata
Larry Glass, Former Eureka City Council Member
Patrick O'Rourke, Ferndale City Council Member
Sharon Ferrett
Doug Durham
Maggie Gainer
Elijah Chandler
Chante Marie Catt
Maureen Hart
Robin Hashem
Brett Shuler
Martha Devine
Josh Neff
Bob Chapman
Sandy Scott
Michael Furniss
Jada Calypso Brotman
Patti Rose
Terri Clark
Marty Lay
Pam Killoran
Brenna Killoran
C.J. Ralph
Don and Andrea Tuttle
Eileen McGee

Dave Goggin
Darsty McAlinn
John McAlinn
Stephanie McCaleb
Jodie Marynowski
Priscilla Howard
Tim Howard
Anne Maher
Tom Sokolowski
Jane Woodward
Russ Seebaugh
Kenneth Fielder
Ilona Bruneau
Stephanie Haines
Alex Ozaki-McNeill
Evan Wrye
Mary Watson
Julianne and Art Bettini
James Baskin
Patrick Swartz
Nick Matthews
Bob Doran
Mary Lou Lowry
Robin Baker
Julianne and Art Bettini
Gina Glock
Kathleen Malone
Pam Cahill
Teri Buck
Moonlight Macumber
Ray Olson
Linda Derksen
Jason Vargas
Norma Garcia

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