Letter to the Editor from Larry Glass

“I’m writing to encourage people in Arcata to vote for Brett Watson. I have worked with Brett and he has proven himself to be a dedicated public servant who cares deeply about the Environment and the community he serves. He clearly understands the importance of doing the hard work of thinking through the challenges that come with balancing economic development with environmental sustainability.

Brett is always willing to roll up his sleeves and take on the challenges that face our communities, from sea level rise to homelessness. Brett is generous with his time and serves in many roles in the community on a volunteer basis, in addition to the substantial work he puts in as a city council member and business owner.

Please vote for Brett Watson on November 6th so he can continue to work hard for the people of Arcata.”

Larry Glass


LTE from Moonlight – Published in the Mad River Union 10/31/2018

Brett for City Council!
(Read to the tune of “The Addams Family.”)

HSU brought him here
Arcata he holds dear
He’s loved this town for over 10 years
Brett for City Council!

It was the Council’s decision
To fill the vacant position
A chance that he was given
Brett for City Council!

He listens and collaborates
Prepared when he deliberates
Helps you cross the bridges he makes
Brett for City Council!

Fiscally responsible
Pragmatic and logical
He sees conflicts as solvable
Brett for City Council!

Focused on affordable housing
A park for doggy outings
The Marsh and its surroundings
Brett for City Council!

Climate Change and Plaza safety
Valley West and zero waste-y
Be more prepared if the Earth gets shaky
Brett for City Council!

Values living-wage salaries
An inclusive, proud community
And diversified economy
Brett for City Council!

He travels door-to-door
To develop his rapport
This helps him represent you more
Brett for City Council!

Office hours he now offers
Relationships he fosters
Concerned about tax dollars
Brett for City Council!

A great sense of humor
And volunteers for seniors
Envisions a stronger future
Brett for City Council!

At times we disagree
Still, my support comes easily
For me, he’s Arcata’s “cup of tea”
Brett for City Council!

So you see, he’s kinda awesome
He’ll help Arcata blossom
Consider a vote for Watson
Brett for City Council!

Moonlight Macumber